Women who make decisions

By Tinta Revuelta (YoNoFui`s editorial collective)

Only those who visit know how much one suffers. What is like to follow someone to hell and beyond. Prison is hell for those who inhabit it and for those who visit the one who is there, cloistered. Those who visit are women: mothers, wives, girlfriends, concubines, sisters, daughters. A whole universe of women who suffer the cold, the extreme heat, the rain, who know how state violence traverses their lives, how frozen it is, it burns like cold in the face. They know how to endure , how to swallow toads many times not responding to the anger that anyone gets at the sight of a loved one suffering, all this so as not to awaken the fury of the monster that holds our family member, this shitty system.

To support the one inside.On Thursday June 15, a group of women visiting their relatives decided to do what often crossed our minds: refused to leave the visiting room and start a hunger strike. They also decided not to reintegrate, in protest for “the lack of health care, human and material to people with chronic and transitory diseases, heart, hypertension, diabetes that would be insulin- dependent” as reported. For the repression suffered daily by their relatives inside the prison, for those who have been in solitary confinement for more than a year, for the lack of food, for the corruption and the crimes committed in the prison for which the SPF (Federal Penitentiary Service) is responsible by action or omission. They requested the intervention of the Unit on behalf of the Justice Department.
There were hours of tension on this side and on the other side of the wall, while they repressed in the pavilions and threatened those who protested, while other family members camped outside the Unit and asked for a prosecutor to be present, going to the door to verify that it was closed and they could not even deliver a habeas corpus, while the news ran through the chats of whatsapp to tell us one more episode of what unfortunately has years of gangrene. This system is rotting, so much pain suffered one no longer feels the fingers. It phagocytes the bodies and the lives, tries to cut any link, to annul the collective power. No one leaves the same after passing though. Nor is it the same for the one who accompanies.
In the early hours of the morning, the last woman who was resisting with her son and her husband, who is staying there, came out. She claimed for all this violence and also because she maintains that her family member is imprisoned for fabricated causes that are manufactured there.
The arbitrariness of power in all its splendor. Rawson’s Unit Nº 6 is only a sample button, one of so many prisons where the stew is being cooked.
How long will the rest of society continue to look the other way, as if prison were not part of it self? Or is everything so rotten that we can no longer feel anything?

Link in spanish: https://tintarevuelta.yonofui.org.ar/en-foco/08-2019/mujeres-que-bancan-la- toma/

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