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We are plague

By YoNoFui     Ph: Caro Nicora   Translation: Coletta Younger, Teresa García, Liz Mason-Deese.     We are the type of people who are left out of emergency plans. Foreign bodies. We are the waste of a society that treats us as second class citizens under any circumstances, discarded. For them, we are the […]

Fatal Mothers

At the presentation of Julieta Di Corleto’s book “Malas madres” (Bad Mothers), Liliana Cabrera read a text she wrote about this book in the Communication Workshop “Tinta Revuelta”, organized by YoNoFui, By Liliana Cabrera To resolve in an emergency when the state, your relationships  and society itself do not allow you to fail or solve […]

Women who make decisions

By Tinta Revuelta (YoNoFui`s editorial collective) Only those who visit know how much one suffers. What is like to follow someone to hell and beyond. Prison is hell for those who inhabit it and for those who visit the one who is there, cloistered. Those who visit are women: mothers, wives, girlfriends, concubines, sisters, daughters. […]